Reader´s comments on “Process Centrifugal Compressors”

by Klaus H. Lüdtke,

Springer-Verlag 2004

This is a great book if you want to learn about process centrifugal compressors. Friendly writing and detailed information. This book is as advertised. I would have given 5 stars, but there is no page that has the nomenclature collected. It must be drawn from the text (G. Gunter - 4.0 von 5 Sternen, good info, 8. März 2007, veröffentlicht auf

This book helps people like me that need to understand and handle the terms, theory and practice of centrifugal compressors quickly and that do not have a good knowlege before. The author presents himself like an old professor who today is very difficult to find, friendly, like a father tells his sons or students something important to their lives  (Guillermo Billordo - 5.0 von 5 Sternen, EXCELENT, 7. Oktober 2012, veröffentlicht auf

Brief but clear descriptions on the theoretical and practical issues are covered in the text. Especially the functions and features of compressor components, compressor design constraints, and load control methods seem very helpful for the understanding of the compressor system configuration. Lots of mathematical approaches for the mechanical design of components and practical case studies along with application examples can also be found. Congratulations for you people and for him for this terrifc work (Stefano Kim – 4.0 von 5 Sternen, 31. Juli 2012,  veröffentlicht auf

Ich soll ein Berechnungsprogramm erstellen für die Auslegung von Radialverdichtern. Wenn man ein bisschen recherchiert dann findet man das Buch im Internet. Ich habs mir besorgt und finde, dass es sehr hilfreich ist. Überhaupt das ganze Buch ist sehr lehrreich. Dafür vielen Dank (Fatih Ugur, FH Köln).

By far the most useful publication in this field and I appreciate the depth of the original material. We use your book most weeks and we regularly recommend that our clients buy a copy (Chris Robinson, UK).

I find it an excellent overview of process compressor engineering. A real labour of love and in your book this effort shines through. I have recommended it for my students (Prof. Casey, TU Stuttgart)

Very complete, practical and concise! (Bill Forsthoffer, USA).

Congratulations! I will use it in my courses on compressors (Prof. Seume, TU Hannover).

Very useful book, will use it for my educational work (Prof. Witkowsky, Poland).

Excellent. Many thanks for contributing to our machinery world (Shatri Quraisy, Qatar).

Specific and informative document. The reader´s benefits outweigh the long hours spent to produce it (Keith Parma, Trinidad).

An excellent addition to anyone´s turbomachinery library (Bob De Maria, USA).

The book opened new horizons for me as a compressor purchaser. One of the best I have ever read about centrifugal compressors. The masterpiece precisely addresses the issues that a user is faced during equipment estimation, design audits and rerating applications in oil, gas, petrochemical and chemical industries. It has so many new subjects, such as real-gas thermodynamics, which other books are tightlipped on (M. Taherimoghaddam, Tehran).

Very useful for engineers in the industry. I like especially the chapter on real-gas thermodynamics (W. Röppischer, Leipzig).

I've read your book “Process Centrifugal Compressors”, it is really brilliant. You are an expert in this field. There are very few specific books on centrifugal compressors. Colin Rodgers/USA  recommended this book to me. It's really a good book. (Chuang Gao, Shanghai University).

Your book is a valuable asset to us and we cite it regularly in our compressor selection reports. We have based most of our in-house compressor selection software on your book. The thermodynamics section gave us the motivation to program the LKP equation of state – rather than relying on process simulators. This has definitely strengthened our approach and enhanced our understanding of gas properties. The definitions of flow and head coefficients are clear and concise and an excellent learning tool. There are many illustrations which greatly assist in the understanding of this complex subject (Jim Bryan, Technip Malaysia).

With great interest we use your book at the Institute for Energy Technology (Ulrich Liebenthal, Technical University Hamburg-Harburg, Germany).

With great interest I read your book. It actually motivated me to occupy myself with real-gas equations of state, especially the Lee-Kesler-Plöcker equation (Panagiotis Dimitrakopoulos, MAN Turbo, Germany).

I am specially interested in handling real-gas thermodynamics. I will advise my employer to acquire your book (Philipp Stapper, Aachen).

Congratulations on this comprehensive work, it will be very useful for my lecturing (Wolfgang Kitsche, DLR Lampoldshausen).

I bought your excellent book on Process Centrifugal Compressors, and I found the discussion on regulation systems illuminating (Andrea Panizza, GE Oil & Gas, Firenze, Italy).

I am enthusiastic about the book on turbocompressors! (Michael Dunkel, Bayer Dormagen).

I am a fan of your masterpiece book on process centrifugal compressors. I adore it. It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read on centrifugal compressors! It is sad learning we are not going to have the second edition! The book is already one of the best written references on process centrifugal compressors.  (Matt Taher, Senior Engineer, Rotating Equipment, Bechtel Corporation Oil, Gas & Chemicals, Houston).

It's a great pleasure to contact you.  I've been reading your book "Process Centrifugal Compressors", appreciate your hard work on this book, it's a great book (Ir. Tan Chun Wei, Mechanical Engineer (Rotating), Technip China, Shanghai, March 2015).

Im Januar 2015 empfahl mein Kollege mir Ihr Buch „Process Centrifugal Compressors“. Daraus erhalte ich systematische Kenntnisse, und diese Kenntnisse sind mir sehr nützlich (Zhu Anan, Xian, China, Shaagu Power Company (SPC), August 2015).